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Posted 6 hours ago on Oct 22nd with 1 note

I am seriously sorry but how the f**k can u say that about nastsu and Lucy being really annoying your just freaking blind hello there would be no fairytail without them they were the first characters in the whole thing remember first episode

Posted 18 hours ago on Oct 21st with 6 notes

I actually like Gruvia. They are just perfect for each other and they are now my OTP.

Posted 19 hours ago on Oct 21st with 23 notes

I feel like Lucy lovers are the most intense about Lucy haters. They take every little thing Lucy does and turns it into part of an argument. It’s downright annoying, and the worst part is that BECAUSE OF THEM, I’m starting to find Lucy a bit annoying too. They just need to chill out and realize that everyone has different opinions. No matter what you say, it’s probably not going to change someone’s perspective; if anything, it’s going to make it worse.

Posted 1 month ago on Sep 19th with 6 notes

One reason why I ship Nalu is because Natsu and Lucy remind me of my girlfriend and I. We met at a cafe; she saved me from being hit on by some random guys. She’s a lot like Natsu and I’m a little like Lucy. Whenever I see Natsu and Lucy together, I also see us, the lesbians who met at a Barnes & Noble cafe!

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I have a really strong feeling that people wouldn’t be so comfortable with how Juvia treats Gray if she were the guy and the girl, honestly.

Posted 1 month ago on Sep 19th with 1 note

I feel like most NaLu shippers are the rudest and never give others the chance to express their ships, like if they shipped GrayLu, Nali etc. For example if Erza was hurt and Natsu found a way to help and save her they would just be like, “Well she’s just his friend and obviously he cares about her!!!” But if it was with Lucy instead, they would fangirl so hard as if it was  one of the biggest NaLu moments.

Posted 1 month ago on Sep 19th with 7 notes

I wish the childhood of Cobra will have an episode.

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Anonymous asked: Please don't put negative confessions in the tag. Like; anti-gruvia instead of gruvia.

I understand, I really hate going into the tags and seeing OTP ship hate. We will be sure to tag them as anti-*insert name of ship*  from now on!!

Posted 1 month ago on Aug 31st with 7 notes

There is no doubt in my mind that Sho has a spray tan

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